Choose your style for staycation moments

So you’re looking forward to a holiday in the UK. It’s time to start packing your bags and deciding what to wear. When it comes to urinary , you may be wearing protecting liners, pads, or discreet undergarments every single day. Our range of products however, allow you the flexibility to adapt your wardrobe so you can dress differently for the different environments you may face, be that a car journey, walk on the beach, hiking in the hills etc. Here’s a little bit of inspiration from our style gurus.

The long car journey

The chances are you’ll be driving somewhere when you’re staying in the UK. However long it takes you might want to consider something that’s designed to last longer than your usual TENA product.  The trick is to focus on comfort that will last for a longer period of time, providing that extra bit of security should it be required. When deciding on which trousers, skirts or dresses to wear, consider both the fabrics and colours. Cotton or silk are both comfortable & light fabrics that allow your skin to breath. Denim with its natural thickness is always a good choice and dark blue and grays are good for looking chic. If you're not a big fan of jeans then why not try something that science has created? It’s a mix of fabrics called Ponte that includes spandex to provide a nice fit. The fabric has thickness (more than leggings) but not as much bulk as your typical pair of trousers. Most importantly they look smooth, seamless and can be easily matched with the top of your choice. 

A countryside stroll

The UK has lots of wonderful countryside and a walk across our green and pleasant land can really blow away the cobwebs and give you a sense of wellbeing. Practical issue first: make sure you have a decent pair of shoes if you want to go off-road and explore a few fields and woods. Layers are a good idea if you’re not sure about the weather as you can then remove them to match the temperature. But if you’re fairly sure it’s going to be a scorcher then you’ll need something light and breathable. Avoid cotton rich clothes and don’t even think about velvet unless you want to sweat. There are many types of fashionable T-shirt around that also provide you with the necessary coolness. Light and bright colours will match the mood perfectly, or alternatively look to whites or pale greys. Walking shorts could also be an option or an A-line or pleated look skirt can be practical and comfortable. It looks great as it billows out slightly on the slides and can do wonders for your figure.

Windy walks on the beach

If you’re heading for the seaside then a long walk on the sand can't be beat. You can be pretty sure there will be some type of breeze to deal with but it can also get rather hot even in our temperamental country. Stay cool when the sun’s at its highest with a maxi dress. They provide a great look and come in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. Even better, they’re not form fitting and can offer excellent coverage