Five lessons we'd love to share with our younger selves

We’ve probably all had the fantasy where we can step back in time to meet our younger selves and give them good advice. 

Time is a great teacher and you’ve no doubt learned numerous lessons on your life’s journey about everything from careers to relationships. At TENA, we’ve listed five things we’d like to say to that slightly nervous, bright-eyed youth we used to be a few decades ago. Some are general while others relate more to prevention, but see how much you agree with them:

Don't worry too much about what others think

It’s good to care and have empathy for others, but sometimes we can care too much about what other people think and we need to find a balance with our own self assurance. What will make you feel happiest in yourself? If that doesn’t hurt anyone else then go for it.

Don't compare yourself to others

Expecting too much of ourselves is a bigger problem than ever as we’re surrounded by images of glamorous stars living amazing lives, earning lots of money. It’s unrealistic to compare your life to theirs, and you can bet that even famous celebs sometimes wake up in the morning with an unwanted spot on the end of their nose. No one has the perfect life but we’re all perfectly capable of having a happy life.

Don't give up before you start

If you’re facing a challenge that feels too big, quitting is a guarantee that you won’t achieve it. Always have a go, and even if it doesn't work out, you can still look in a mirror and say to yourself “I’ve got no regrets because I did my best”. As older, wiser people like us know, it’s better to regret the things you did do rather than the things you didn’t.

Look ahead to prevent incontinence

When you’re young you can feel invincible and find it hard to contemplate getting old. But this is the time of your life when you should start developing good habits that will benefit you in later years. Stay hydrated, only go to the loo when your bladder is full, and do some .

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

As with the previous piece of advice above, start building the foundations for your future health now. Eat a balanced diet with lots of fibre, and try not to smoke or drink alcohol. Avoid too much caffeine, and do plenty of exercise! It’s easier said than done of course when you’re young, free and beautiful...
So that’s our list. Do you think your younger self would listen to your advice? We’d like to think ours would.