More ways to stay connected

It can feel very lonely when becomes a problem in your daily life. Is it just me? Is anyone else suffering like I am? Why is this happening? It’s still true that a problem shared is a problem halved. Sharing your experiences with others can alleviate your feelings of isolation, give you the strength you need to meet the challenges, and help you realise that you are not alone. But what are the best ways to open up and talk, particularly at a time when face-to-face chats are more complicated due to continuing restrictions? We have some suggestions.

Calling friends and family

You know your friends and family better than anyone, and you probably have one or two favourites you would trust with anything confidential. is obviously a very personal subject, and you may feel embarrassed or resentful that you have to deal with it. Don’t be.

Sharing your feelings with a close family member or friend can really help put those emotions in perspective. Choose someone who you know will handle the conversation with sensitivity, consideration, and no embarrassment. They may even be able to offer some practical support and suggestions. 

Keep the conversation relaxed, and maybe even try adding a bit of humour if you feel you can to make things feel more normal. Let’s face it, we’ve all got stories that will make others laugh.

Call the TENA advice line

There is always someone out there willing to listen. If you don’t feel comfortable confiding in any of your friends or family, TENA is here to offer you support and advice.

Send us your queries at any time - day or night - using our form. Our experts will have the answers you need:

If you'd prefer to speak to someone directly, call our advice line on 0800 655 6022 for a friendly and confidential chat. Please not this phone number is for consumers only.

Online forums

The internet can be a wonderful thing, and one of its many advantages is the access you have to educational material and the availability of online forums and support.

For some, communicating with others who are going through the exact same issues can be a huge comfort. As well as providing the opportunity to share tips and advice, the anonymity of it all can also be beneficial. 

Google ‘incontinence forum’ or ‘women's health forum’ to discover loads of links you could try, and start sharing with others online.

Joining the TENA community

You can feel very isolated when you have a problem with .

It can be very reassuring hearing others’ stories and understanding how common an issue it is. Join us and our community of like minded women at:

So don’t stop talking. There are many people out there willing to listen and you really are not alone.