TENA's Summer Survival Guide

Most of us love the summer but it can play havoc with our bodies, particularly if we suffer from and tend to avoid liquids more than other people. Here’s a few tips on how to stay safe and enjoy those sunny days to the full.

Stay shady

Stay out of the midday sun. That basically means between noon and 3pm when it’s high in the sky and at its hottest. Even if you’re feeling totally zen, try not to fall asleep on the beach. Stay in the shade or go indoors. Catch up with a book or watch some telly then get out there and enjoy the good weather again.

Drink then drink some more

Staying hydrated is crucial on boiling hot days. Drink plenty of water and ideally carry some around with you. Remember that caffeine-based drinks don’t count as they actually make you more dehydrated and don’t help your condition.

Cover up

Make sure you have the essentials on you at all times: sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. The sunscreen should match your skin and the level of protection you need. Even if you’re not headed for the beach make sure you’re covered because the sun can get at you anywhere.

Have you got a fan?

Then maybe you should get one. Either a hand held electric device or a more traditional one that you can whip out at any moment for some extra cooling. And you’ll look like a film star. Word of warning: sleeping next to a fan can dry your throat out so watch where you put it.

Go light on food

Heavy meals can make you feel sleepy in the sun so focus more on salads and other light food. Eat more of your other favourites in the evening when the sun goes down and the temperature is cooler.

An afternoon snooze

People in hot countries have it right. When it’s a scorcher then taking a short siesta in the afternoon makes sense. Go on, relax and enjoy sweet daytime dreams.

Don’t overdo the exercise

Yes, physical activity is good for us and our condition but it's dangerous in a hot sun. Save your workout for when it’s cooler – early morning or late evening. But do stay active because exercise is a great way to manage your .