Your TENA 2019 Challenges

2019 is the year for trying new things and setting yourself achievable goals.  We’ve got an A-Z of small, enjoyable challenges that anyone can do with a little preparation. Select your favourites or go for the full list. Whatever you choose, have a great time.

A. Book Afternoon tea with friends and look forward to a good chat, a nice cuppa and maybe a few cakes. 
B. Take a Bike ride for fresh air and exercise. TENA Lady Discreet Minis are ideal for on-the-go protection and can fit inside your backpack. 
C. Why not donate to your favourite Charity? Doing a good deed helps others and puts you in a positive mindset. 
D. Drink a little less of the things that affect your . It could the final glass of wine or skipping that extra morning coffee.  
E. Make this the year you Explore your local area. Check out guides on the web to uncover hidden gems and take TENA Lady Discreet Mini on your adventure.
F. Face up to one of your Fears. Whether it's flying or public speaking, this is a year of being brave.
G. Show Gratitude. Make a daily list of all the good things in your life, big and small.
H. Buy an oversized Hat. They're going to be fashionable in 2019 and are perfect to pack for a beach holiday.
I. Learn to play a musical Instrument. It's never too late to pick up a new skill and have fun.
J. Have a go at Journaling by writing down your thoughts at the end of the day. It could be three bullet points or pages of your outpourings. 
K. Grab your friends and have fun by singing your hearts out at a Karaoke bar.
L. Wear more Lipstick. It's a simple way to feel more feminine and start a wardrobe overhaul with a range of fun and daring colours. 
M. There are loads of free Museums to visit in the UK and expand your mind.
N. Become a National Trust member to explore beautiful scenery and historic houses. 
O. Use One minute a day to try mindfulness and reduce the stress in your life. Extend your sessions and really feel the benefits. 
P. Take a Photo a day to create a visual diary of your year and store memories. It will be really rewarding looking back in December. 
Q. Test your brain and go to a Quiz night. You might even win a decent prize.
R. Read more books for inspiration, excitement and relaxation. Or why not join your local reading club to meet new people? 
S. Try clean Sleeping. That means limiting screen time, unhealthy snacks and too much mental activity before bedtime. Wake up feeling refreshed.
T. Your deserve to Treat yourself regularly. Book a pamper or buy something nice.  
U. Head to the DIY shop then Upcycle your furniture and give your home a fresh new look. 
V. Pay a Visit to someone you haven't seen in a while. It's good to keep in touch.
W. Wake up an hour earlier every day for a week. It could make you more productive and help you do those jobs you've been putting off.
X.  X marks the spot. Create a fun treasure hunt for the family around your house and garden with a little treat at the end. 
Y. Hot Yoga can provide great health benefits such as more flexibility so book yourself a session this year.
Z. Go for a good old fashioned day out at the Zoo with the family.