Pelvic Floor Coordination Exercises

Once you’ve learnt how to find and engage your pelvic floor , it’s time to figure out how to activate the use of this muscle not only in specific , but also in your daily life. Every day is always filled with lots of activities, tasks and little jobs here and there – so how on earth are you supposed to remember to engage your pelvic floor on top of everything else?

Sound like something you may need to work on? Let’s take a further look…


Even though this first exercise may sound like your preferred swimming stroke, no pool or lake is needed to practise! This is a great exercise to help you ease another movement into your regular pelvic floor workout.
We recommend lying down for this exercise, as your body weight tips back a bit, which makes it easier for you to notice what your pelvic floor is doing. So once you’ve laid yourself down, you can practise the same classic pelvic floor exercises  of big powerful squeezes and then hold these squeezes for 3 breaths. 
Now as we mentioned before though, in real life you’ve usually got to be breathing and moving; whether it’s opening that front door, getting changed or packing a bag. 
In order to help you with this, see if you can lift an arm up and down and then your other arm up and down, while engaging your pelvic floor. This should be a more gentle hold of the pelvic floor though, so that you’re able to focus on the other task of actually moving too! Also when practising this movement, you should be checking on the pelvic floor and if it’s snuck off, just bring it back in again. 
Pelvic floor exercises with weights 

You can also add weights to this backstroke exercise, or even a bench press; sometimes if your arms have got something to do, it almost stimulates your brain to do things in a different way.  


Being able to steadily control your pelvic floor and bladder is something that is obviously important if you’re in a panic about reaching the toilet in time, and this bridge exercise will help put you in charge of your bladder. 
So you’re going to want to breathe in and as you breathe out, push from underneath the pelvic floor and draw yourself up (you can imagine you have a rope pulling you up here). Next, gently hold at the top and have a breath. Then slowly lower yourself down, and let go.
Ready to start giving these exercises a go? After all, you only need is a bit of floor and a mat to get cracking! If you want to learn more about pelvic floor exercises, check out our other pelvic floor video demonstrations  along with more useful tips.