Length: 39.4 cm

Consumer pack: 6pcs

TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi Night | Incontinence pad

TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi Night | Incontinence pad

Our most protective night-time pad for heavy, unexpected urine leaks. Designed with lie down protection.



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  • Up to 12 hours protection

  • Maximum comfort

  • Triple Protection

With Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture, TENA Discreet Protect+ Maxi Night is an ideal night-time incontinence pad for women with heavier bladder weakness, also suitable for those who have recently given birth or undergone surgery. The leaks are absorbed quickly, locked and drawn away from the skin, keeping you dry for up to 12 hours. The advanced micro-fresh pearls reduce unwanted odour. In addition to the maximum security these pads provide, they're also designed with extra length and width at the back for lie down protection, and soft, breathable materials for maximum comfort. All of this means you can go to sleep feeling confident and calm, knowing you'll stay protected all night. Being our most absorbent pad, it can also be used effectively as postpartum pad or post-surgery pad.
  • Up to 12 hours protection
  • Maximum comfort
  • Triple Protection

Why it’s great

TENA Discreet Protect+ up to 12 hour protection

Up to 12 hours protection

Liquid is effectively absorbed and locked away, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Maximum comfort

Designed with soft, breathable materials and a body-hugging shape.
Triple Protection - protects from leaks,odour and moisture

Triple Protection

Protects you from leaks, odour and moisture.

Fresh Odour Control for confidence

Advanced micro-fresh pearls encapsulate liquid and eliminate odour.
TENA Discreet Protect+ are dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested and perfume free

All materials are carefully tested to be safe and kind to the skin.

Lie down protection

Designed with a wider back vs other TENA pads for extra protection during the night.

How it fits

Length: 39.4 cm

Consumer pack: 6pcs

How it’s sustainable

TENA products are proud to be qualified for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan is one of the world´s toughest environmental certifications, evaluation the environmental impact of a product in key phases of its life cycle.
TENA Protects Program

TENA Protects Program

Our TENA Protects Program is about protecting people and their well-being alongside decreasing our climate impact.
Certified renewable electricity

Certified renewable electricity

We use certified renewable electricity in the factories producing TENA in Europe.
TENA is committed to reduce the carbon footprint for products or services by 2030. One step to achieve this is by switching to electricity from renewable sources such as e.g. water, wind or solar, in our factories. The electricity in our factories is purchased externally and is certified with guarantees of origin. These certificates are not created by us, but are issued by external institutes like the European Electricity Certification System (EECS) to secure credibility. By doing so we support the development of renewable electricity on all markets.
TENA Recyclable packaging icon

Recycable packaging

The packaging is technically recyclable, according to RecyClass design-for-recycling criteria, for various purposes. Actual recycling depends on several factors, e.g. the local availability of a recycling system.

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Essity Hygiene and Health AB, SE-405 03 Göteborg, Sweden

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