Keep control with TENA Men

You're used to being a man in control of all aspects of your life, so don't let urine leakage change that. With TENA Men you can keep control of urine leakage and continue to stay in charge of your life.

Staying active with urine leakage

There are many ways to stay in control of your life and continue to live life the way you want to, regardless of what type of urine leakage or male incontinence you're dealing with.

Here are some quick tips that can help with leaks and help you stay in control:

  • Go before you go - Emptying your bladder before any planned activity can help set your mind at ease.
  • Knowledge is power - Learning where the toilets are ahead of time, can help you plan your activities better and you don't have to stressfully look for a toilet when you need to go. If you're going to watch a live game you could try to get seats near the toilets for example.

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