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How TENA Men and Durham CCC aim to bowl out urine leakage

At TENA Men, our message is clear – take control of your urine leakage. We understand that leakage can sometimes seem like an unbeatable force though, and unfortunately it can often stop you doing the activities you love the most – like sport.

Bob White, Phil Tufnell and Tim Bostock

Whether you want to be your football team’s star striker in Sunday league, or chip away at your handicap on the golf course – urine leakage should never stop you, nor should it ever make you feel like you can’t go to see your favourite sports team. 

That’s why TENA Men launched an initiative with Durham CCC in 2018 to boost awareness of this issue and to show you can head down to your local sports ground without worrying about leakage. 

They also talked to England cricketer-turned-TV personality Phil Tufnell and prostate cancer survivor Bob White to hear their views on the initiative.

What was the initiative?

TENA Men wanted to challenge the reluctance coming from the 650,000 men with bladder leakage who are unwilling to attend sports events. One sport which men with urine leakage may find particularly difficult to attend is cricket – after all, certain matches can last up to six hours each day. 

How geared up do you feel sports grounds are to help men dealing with urine leakage?

Probably not very. TENA Men wanted to put that right, and bat the stigma of urine leakage right out of Durham CCC’s Riverside Ground, so they installed sanitary bins specifically made for pants and protectors in the men’s toilet cubicles throughout the stadium. This means that men can discreetly discard of any products should a leak occur as many times as necessary during play and not a miss a single ball in the process.

Awareness is also a key focus for TENA Men – if you don’t have urine leakage, it’s important that you still recognise that it is an issue that can affect anyone. After all, one in four men over the age of 40 experience bladder weakness. This stat was boldly highlighted on posters in all the men’s toilets alongside the sanitary bins to underline how prevalent the issue is, and how TENA Men can help.

Phil Tufnell: “I’m pleased to see Durham leading the way”

Despite not suffering from bladder weakness himself, former England bowler and now TV star Phil Tufnell teamed up with TENA Men for this campaign to boost awareness of urine leakage amongst men. Tuffers shares the view that nothing should keep men from donning their pads…
“It’s shocking to think that an issue that affects so many blokes my age is stopping them from getting involved in sport or even spending time with their friends.
Despite not experiencing it myself, I’m working with TENA Men to encourage men who experience urine leakage to take control, so that they never feel prevented from doing something they enjoy.
The statistics show that one in four men over the age of 40 suffer from bladder weakness and that is stopping them from participating in sport which is no good. As you get older, you’ve got to keep fit and active.”
Phil was delighted to see the progressive steps that Durham CCC are taking and would like to see sanitary bins as a given in sports grounds both domestically, and globally.
“I’m pleased to see Durham are leading the way by making the sport accessible to all of their members affected, whether that’s watching or participating.
I think it should be widened out to all sorts of sports grounds and different stadiums around the country because we want to get people participating in and watching sport, and enjoying themselves.”

Bob White: “There is a clear need for more public places to provide male sanitary bins”

71-year-old Bob White has had prostate cancer and experienced urine leakage at different points during his treatment. He is glad that both TENA Men and Durham CCC were putting the spotlight on this issue as he thinks an awareness issue still exists. 
“I lead a prostate support group and I'm continually surprised by the lack of awareness around male incontinence, despite it being such a common issue. 
From speaking to our members and from my own experience, there is a clear need for more public places to provide male sanitary bins to help us live normal, active lives. 
As we all know, in ladies’ toilets, there are plenty of facilities for them to dispose of sanitary wear, but there isn’t for men – there’s nothing.
So it’s great to hear that such a big club like Durham is making this move and will be providing such facilities for its members.”
Like Phil, Bob also hopes that the same move will be adopted by more sporting clubs up and down the country to leave the stigma of urine leakage bowled out.
“It’s innovative and very exciting. I just hope that it will roll out to other sports grounds and eventually to toilets nationally, which is just what it needs.”

How you can hit urine leakage for six with TENA Men

Urine leakage should never stop you from donning your finest cricket whites. Nor going to the Riverside Ground. Nor playing or watching any other sport. And TENA Men can help by letting you take control.
Check out the full range of products from protectors to pants that are available to you to tackle leakage, and hear more from Phil Tufnell as he chats about batting, bowling and bladder weakness in our Q&A with the former England international.

Did you know

One in four men between 40 years and over experience lower urinary tract symptoms.

Illustration of four men with one shaded a lighter blue one in four