Nocturia and top ways to manage bladder weakness at night

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Do you regularly wake up during the night with the urge to go to the toilet? Annoying, isn’t it. A good sleep is a vital part of positive mental health, and constant interruptions mean we spend the next day feeling tired and out of sorts.

But you are definitely not alone. This condition is called Nocturia, and it is very common - nearly three quarters of men (69%) over the age of 40 need to visit the bathroom at least once during the night. In this article we look at some of the causes of nocturia which, at worst, can also lead to bedwetting, when the urge to go becomes urgent and harder to control. If bedwetting is occurring this may indicate something more serious is happening, so always visit your GP if you are worried.

What causes you sleep to be interrupted?

Nocturia can be a result of a number of things and if you can work out why it’s happening then you can do something about it. 

Excess fluid intake 

This is a really simple cause. You’ve drunk too much liquid and it needs to go somewhere before your body lets you go back to the land of nod again.

What you are drinking 

Some types of drink, particularly caffeine and alcohol, are more likely to make you want to go to the toilet. Drinking them last thing at night may well be your problem and it could be time to switch to another nightcap.

Urinary tract infection 

If it hurts when you pee then go to your GP to get checked out and maybe pick up some antibiotics. One word of warning: some medication can also increase urine production so be watchful when you’re trying something new. If it seems to be causing a problem go back and see the doc.


This isn’t generally something to worry about but, as with everything body-related, an early visit to your GP will help confirm if this is the problem, followed by swift treatment if it is.

How to control the condition

It’s time to take control and stop everything but the alarm clock from getting you out of bed. Here’s some good tips:

● Stay hydrated in the day and reduce liquid intake at night time - if there’s nothing in your bladder there should be nothing to wake you up.

● Go to the toilet just before bed - even if you don't feel the urge it could make a difference

● Try a suitable TENA product - we’ve got specialist products for night time use which are cosy, comfortable and may even help you sleep more soundly. Go here to take a look

● Practise bladder training to strengthen your bladder - this includes simple pelvic floor exercises that will only take up a few minutes of your day. Find out more here. 

We hope this advice helps a little if you’re suffering from Nocturia. Sleep well because you deserve it.

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