Facts about ageing and incontinence

TENA researched the perceptions of a young audience toward ageing, intimacy and , and compared them against the real stories of women over 50 living with incontinence. Here’s what we found. 
A bar graph showing 38% versus 9%.

Reality is better than perceptions

Thirty-eight percent of women under 34 think that bladder leakage will negatively affect their sex life, yet only 9% of women 50+ with bladder leakage say that it has. 

Negative perceptions of ageing

Graphic showing 59%
Fifty-nine percent of people under 34 are afraid their lives will become boring and predictable after 50.
Graphic showing 58%
Fifty-eight percent of women 18-34 worry they will feel less attractive and sexy as they age.
Graphic showing 66%
Sixty-six percent of women under 34 say they are worried about bladder leakage as a negative side effect of ageing.

The reality of life after 50

Graphic showing 59%
Fifty-nine percent of women over 50 say they are still interested in exploring the world around them, and nearly a third consider themselves more adventurous than when they were younger.
Graphic showing 33%
Thirty-three percent of women 50+ say they now enjoy sex more than ever because they know their body better.
Graphic showing 66%
Sixty-six percent of women over 50 with say it never stops them from doing something they want to do.
Graphic showing 46%

Forty-six percent of young people (18-34) would like to see more representative depictions of older women on TV and in media.

Graphic showing 56%

Women over 50 with bladder leakage are 56% more likely than those without it to feel they can't relate to how women their age are portrayed in the media.

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