A History of Black Underwear

How does wearing black underwear make you feel? Strong? Secure? Sexy

Most women have different underwear for different occasions: comfy and dependable for lazy days, or silky and lacy for days when you want to take on the world. Black underwear in particular can be the number one choice to wear when you want to feel amazing, or for intimate moments. Nothing should stop you from wearing your favourite pair of panties – even .

Let’s delve into the history of black underwear, and how TENA can empower you no matter what underwear you fancy.

The origins of black women’s underwear

In the Victorian era, the colour black was worn by women who were in mourning. This meant black dresses, black bonnets or veils, and yes, even underwear! Black ribbons trimmed petticoats, chemises, drawers and under petticoats. But it wasn’t until the turn of the century that black underwear began to take on an erotic meaning in Western culture.

Fast forward to the nineteenth century, when mourning rituals merged with the idea that dressing in black was fashionable. New technology for dyeing fabrics meant that new colours like black became even more vivid, and available to the masses. In the 1920s, the iconic little black dress (or simply the LBD) created by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou was designed to be a long-lasting, versatile, affordable, and accessible option for all.

As black garments became more popular, so did black underwear to match. In the 1930s, manufacturers produced, and retailers offered more and more black undergarments to meet the rising demand. During World War 2, demand exceeded supply. Suppliers couldn’t keep it in stock!

The popularity of black underwear

In 1952, Women’s Wear Daily reported that white underwear constituted 90% of undergarment sales and black underwear represented 10%.[1] Since then, the demand for black underwear has only increased and today, black underwear is more popular than ever.

For some stores like M&S and John Lewis, black underwear is the most popular colour offered at just under 50% of their styles available online. Across the board, black seems to be the most popular colour available at most stores, closely followed by whites, beiges and neutrals. Women everywhere love having black pants in their underwear drawer for lazy days, special occasions, intimate moments and to wear under their favourite little black dress.

Changing with the times

You should always be able to feel confident and comfortable, no matter what colour of underwear you’re wearing – even if you’re also dealing with little leaks. Just like underwear styles and colours have changed over the years, your favourite TENA products are evolving too.

Introducing our new Silhouette Noir Pads and Liners – invisible in your black underwear, while still offering complete TENA Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Designed with the female body in mind for a secure and comfortable fit. The only difference with Silhouette Noir Pads is that they are black, for ultimate discretion.

Whatever colour of underwear you choose to wear, there’s a TENA product to suit your needs and keep you feeling protected all day long. Keep being you, and undress with confidence with TENA.