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Knowledge equals confidence

Incontinence can be a sensitive topic to talk about. Yet, knowing the facts about incontinence can help remove the stigma. We are happy to share our knowledge on how to best support every affected individual.

Innovative products

TENA Slip and TENA Comfort

At TENA we understand the challenges of maintaining healthy skin. The new TENA Slip and TENA Comfort with ConfioAir™ are a fully breathable innovation that are secure, comfortable and gentle on skin. 88% of all caregivers noticed skin benefits when using TENA Slip with ConfioAir™. [1]

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TENA Comfort with ConfioAir™

TENA Wet Wash Glove

The TENA Wet Wash Glove provides caring and comfortable, yet effective, full body cleansing without using soap or water. The TENA Wet Wash Glove works especially well with immobile and bedridden patients and people afraid of water. The TENA Wet Wash Glove allows 25% better working postures for caregivers and up to 38% less time spent on the washing procedure. [2,3]

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TENA Wet Wash Glove


1Results based on survey conducted by Essity in 2012, with men over 40 in the US, UK Germany, Italy, Russia and Mexico by Essity. Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. Successful Pathways in Care Institutions, 2006 (English Extract).
2Essity data on file: All statistics are based on average percentages from between 85-181 TENA Solutions case studies around the world, mainly Europe but also USA, Canada and China.  Results vary across countries and care homes depending on the circumstances in each care home prior to implementation of TS. 2011-13.