TENA ProSkin Hygiene Care: Wipes and Creams

Recognising skin health is key to incontinence care. We know that keeping fragile elderly skin clean and protected makes it less prone to infection or irritation. This skin care range is part of the new TENA ProSkin range, a total package designed to provide incontinence care for the elderly. TENA ProSkin hygiene care products are intended to be used alongside absorbent products so there’s less risk of skin-related pain and discomfort. While absorbing products reduce the skin’s contact with moisture, our skin care range takes care of gentle cleansing and skin protection.

TENA ProSkin skin care assortment

Ageing skin needs special care:

• It loses strength and elasticity 

• Thinning skin is more vulnerable to injury 

• Wounds take longer to heal 

Figures show that up to 50% of care home residents using incontinence products are affected by incontinence related dermatitis (IAD). Maintaining a natural skin balance and supporting the skin’s natural defenses is crucial in preventing irritation, discomfort and pain.

Old woman getting help with socks

Cleansing the skin gently with TENA ProSkin cleansing wash and wipes

It is important to clean the intimate area every time an incontinence product is changed both to minimise odour and to prevent skin irritation. TENA ProSkin cleansing wash and wipes are especially gentle for elderly skin, but always effective. TENA ProSkin Wet Wipes are pre-moistened with 3-in-1 formula to cleanse, moisturise, and protect the skin. TENA ProSkin products are designed and appropriately sized for adults and offered in both rinse and no-rinse formulas to suit an individual's needs.

Supporting the skin’s defences with TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream

For regular use on at-risk, vulnerable skin which show early signs of redness or irritation, we have developed TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream which gives the skin a water-repellent layer. Formulated for thinning elderly skin, our Zinc Cream contains 10% zinc oxide and soothes skin that is chapped, irritated or sensitive. Using TENA ProSkin skin care products, which are specially designed to protect fragile older skin, will increase the comfort and help preserve the dignity of those affected by incontinence.


Maintain natural skin health

Keep it dry

Keep it dry using TENA ProSkin absorbing products with FeelDry Advanced™ functionality

Keep it clean

Keep it clean with TENA ProSkin wipes and wash creams

Keep it protected

Keep it protected by applying TENA ProSkin barrier or zinc creams

Putting skin health at the centre of care

TENA ProSkin hygiene care range is a skin health assortment of cleansing, moisturising, and protecting products for individuals living with incontinence, hygiene dependence, and/or fragile elderly skin. Keeping skin healthy is a major challenge for those providing incontinence care for the elderly. We developed TENA ProSkin after extensive research and testing as a range of products to care for the needs of fragile elderly skin. The range includes absorbing and skin care products to provide all-round support in caring for someone with incontinence – which means maintaining skin health.

Your skin safety assurance

We developed TENA ProSkin to meet the challenge of improving skin health in the elderly and to better support health care professionals. For added peace of mind, the Skin Health Alliance has endorsed all TENA ProSkin products so you can be sure they are always skin-friendly and meet the highest standards.

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Our TENA ProSkin Hygiene Care assortment product range